Although the UK housing market is still facing uncertainty due to Brexit, the Buy-to-Let sector, worth £1 trillion, remains strong.

Residential under-supply and high demand means there are plenty of opportunities for investors within the UK. The right investment at the right price, within the right location can deliver lucrative returns.

2019 saw many overseas buyers choose the UK, and with significant regional developments and infrastructure improvements, the UK remains a solid choice for investors looking to buy into a relatively stable market.

We’ve checked out the research to establish which cities are a great opportunity for investors…



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The BRRR Property Strategy Explained

The BRRR Property Strategy Explained

BRRR stands for Buy, Refurbish, Refinance, Rent. The BRRR Method is a real estate investing technique that entails purchasing a property, fixing it up and adding value, refinancing it and then renting it out for a high return on the initial investment. Older or poorly...

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